Operon-language philopsophy

These are the ideas that have been considered while creating the Operon-language:

  1. Language must be centered around the data.
  2. The data must be self-describing.
  3. Language must have a clear separation for getting the input, processing the data and sending the output.
  4. Handling the data must be as simple as possible.
  5. Language must be simple and consistent in its syntax and semantics.
  6. Language must be easy to understand.
  7. Language must be easy to extend.
  8. Language must stand the test of time.
  9. Language must be usable in real production scenarios.
  10. Terse code is more important than being able to display it visually, therefore low-code as tooling is not a goal.
  11. Language must have garbage collection.
  12. Runtime efficiency is important but not the end-goal.
  13. Being able to write code fast is more important than having blazing fast runtime.
  14. Static-typing is not important.
  15. Compile-time optimizations are less important.