Operon list of functions

In this page we list the function categories Operon has. Please find the full list of functions under each category.

How to invoke function

Operon uses the array-syntax to invoke the function.


Operon string-functions

Strings are one of the atomic JSON-types, and we use them everywhere. Learn the Operon string-handling functions and juggle strings effortlessly!

Learn about Operon object-functions

Objects are like heart and soul of the JSON. You definitely want to know how to handle them effectively.

Discover Operon array-functions!

There's much you can do with arrays. Check out here your new set of JSON- array transformation functions!

Find out Operon date-functions

In Operon dates are handled as Objects. Find out more here.

Learn how to convert one type to another

Casting functions allow us to convert one type into other.

Operon math-functions

Let's take a look into math-functions that Operon supports.

Other core-functions

Check the motley mix of core-functions

Other functions

There are plenty of other functions in Operon that we go through in this page.