Operon components

Operon has input- and output components.

Input components

Name Description
json The default component to be used when no component name is given.
sequence Accepts an array of values and sends each for new Operon-context.
file Reads the files from file system.
readline Reads user input.
timer Triggers by pre-defined interval.
httpserver Setups a http-server.
operon Receives a direct-message from another Operon-instance.
queue Queue is used to receive messages through queues implemented by Redis-server.
subscribe Subscribe is used to receive fan-out messages from Redis-server.

Output components

Name Description
call Call code from JVM
digest Create hashes.
exec Executes the given shell-command.
file File-operations, e.g. write data to the given file.
http Sends http-requests.
out Prints output.
operon Sends direct message to another Operon-instance.
readfile Reads the given file.
zip Compress/uncompress data.
robot Control mouse and keyboard (requires JVM).
certificate Sign and verify signatures.
queue Queue is used to send messages through queues implemented by Redis-server.
publish Publish is used to send fan-out messages through Redis-server.

Using Operon's Java-API

Javadoc for latest-version

Running Operon-queries from Java Java Duke

Running Operon-queries from Apache Camel

Running Operon-queries from Scala Scala