About Operon-language

This site is created by the author of the Operon-language and serves as the definite guide to everything Operon-related. Operon was created to make transforming JSON-dataformat easier and to facilitate building modern integrations.

Operon is a functional, general purpose dataflow programming language, which has very clear syntax and semantics, making it easy to transform data and build solutions and integrations with it. The ultimate goal is to provide a language that will prove to be usuful in real production-settings within a wide range of tasks. If this proves to be true, then we can expect that Operon is a language that is here to stay - for good.

The roadmap of the Operon includes open sourcing and standardizing the language. There will also be much more Operon-related content, tutorials, videos and courses coming. To stay informed please join into the mailing list.

Operon is created in Finland and proudly represents the Finnish Quality.