To start using Operon you first need to have Java JVM installed. Java 8 or newer is required.

Download the JDK13 from here: https://jdk.java.net/13/

Here are the installation instructions:https://openjdk.java.net/install/index.html

After this download the Operon binaries from here: https://github.com/operon-io/operon.io-core/releases/download/v\operon_version /operon-\operon_version .jar

Running Operon-queries

To run the query in command prompt, use the following (be sure to use the correct version):

java -jar operon-version.jar queryname.op

Reporting issues

If you encounter a bug, then please open an issue of it into github: https://github.com/operon-io/operon.io-core
Please copy and paste the query you run and the result you expected to have. All issues will be checked. Together we'll make Operon succeed!

Next steps?

Please take a look into Introduction and try to reproduce the examples yourself!