Operon is the state of the art JSON data query, transformation and integration language

Today most new development happens by using JSON as format for interchanging data. JSON is a neat and concise data format, and the basics can be learned in just a few minutes. It is no wonder that the world of developers have embraced this format and are building new solutions with it. By using Operon you will always find it easy to interact with JSON. Here's Hello World with Operon:

  json:{"message": "Hello world!"}
Select $

#> {"message": "Hello world!"}

Operon is a powerful new language to query, transform and integrate JSON-data. You can use it for example to build a small microservice for your backend services. Let's see another quick sample:

Select $ => array:sum()

#> 15

All code is run on the powerful and battle tested Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Operon gots you covered:

  • Advanced and easy syntax
  • Functions, lambdas, currying, function references
  • JSON-dataformat inbuilt
  • Build integrations like never before
  • Integrates with Java, so you'll never run out of options

Ready to start? Please check the +Installation -section!